We offer a wide range of customer- designed French courses for adults, teenagers, children and kids. The courses are in conformity with the Common European Framework of Reference for the learning of languages (CECRL) and  range from general French to specific or specialized French.

  • FLE (French as a foreign language) /General French

General French (for the general public: Adults (professionals, students, business men and women, teenagers, children, and kids)

  • Conversational French or Oral Communication ( for University students reading French and any individual who has quite a considerable background in the French language and would like to improve
  • Specific or Specialized French (FOS) for medical students( general medicine, optometry, lab technicians ,health workers :doctors, nurses; Immigration and Fire service officials , Police , Travel and Tour Agencies /Guides,Hospitality industries (hotel and restaurant or bar attendants),Office administrators, receptionists, secretaries,Corporate bodies.
  • English Proficiency

Apart from the French courses, Alliance Française de cape Coast also offers a wide range of English proficiency courses for Francophones. These include:

  • Conversational English proficiency courses (Beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate)-General Public and professionals (Hotel workers: Receptionists, bar attendants and chefs ,Office administrators, etc..)